Jim Henson's Scum and Villainy Babies

Hi, I'm a blogger for thegsa-.us and am working on a combo of original character stat blocks and short story about a family of three young Twi'leks who escaped slavery from a Hutt and became trained as bounty hunters, not only to make money but to defend themselves against bounty hunters who will surely come after them.

There are 9 year-old twins, Boona and Daesha. Daesha is the techie... but also very empathetic, resenting having to turn in even the worst scum. As Daesha is compassion, Boona is aggressive, He is a tantrum waiting to happen in the form of blaster fire. A lingering gaze at his teenage sister, Shiri, is the quickest way to making him fly off the handle.

Shiri is an 18 year-old attractive blue-skinned female who is all charm and sweetness, although everything she does serves the purpose of keeping her family together.
I'd like to see a picture of the trio together, perhaps at a cantina booth as they await a contact.
Thanks to any takers.