Jedi/sith raistlin

Hi it's been awhile and I am now running a game of my own and I need the best sith villian that can be designed. I need a health version and then the wimoy sith version based off the character of raistlin Majere if information is needed. I think it would be nice when I reveal such an iconic figure to have some kind of art thats not me just bringing up the wizard shot of before and after. It's also fun to show the effects of the darkside to an extreme. In the story he is just a student at the acadamy but he uses the darker force powers to gain status under the masters eyes it seems. I was hoping a handsome heroic version and then when they meet him in the years after they become knights the dark lord version and I challange the artist to make him more frail and withered then the normal sith. I thank you for hearing out my request.