Jedi Council: 553 BBY

I'm running a Star Wars D20 game set in 553BBY and I would like a visual of these Jedi Masters at the time whether in the chambers or not. A chamber pic would look great though. If I could get a council chamber picture done I'd like certain members to be the primary focus.
Grand Master of the Jedi Order: A strong-looking human male with dark hair and a beard. Stern attitude, white robes... and maybe something subtle that might suggest he has a dark secret (maybe black eyes with a light underlining yellow). Place scars as necessary.
2nd chair I want a powerful and wise-looking Kel Dor male.
The Bodo Baas - perhaps make him look more like his people but with a subtle green pigmentation to his skin.
The rest can be arranged in any manner:
A Caamasi male -
A Bith male
A cathar female -
A Wol Cabassh -
A female Zabrak
A human female with dark hair.
An aged Ithorian -
A male trianii -
A younger Yoda (Age 343) - I don't want him to be an up front role cause this was really the start of his legacy.

I know this is quite a task but I think it'll look amazing when it's all done. I'll take any art style I can get and think they all will be fun.