Imperial TIE pilot

Hello All, I have recently joined a campaign set during the Thrawn Era. We will be playing TIE pilots/SpecForce agents similar to Wraith Squadron and I was wondering if I could get a pic of my pilot who is the teams medic. Xanmiir Rafe grew up on Shifa in the Tapani Sector. His father was a work-aholic doctor who was never around which drove his mother, a retired free trader, to drinking, and ultimatly to her suicide. Xanmiir idolized his father, at first, but also lashed out for his attention, like joining a vibroknife gang. One such time was when he stole the family yacht and took his friends joy riding. His father had him arrested and left him there overnight. The next morning, Xanmiir joined the Imperial Academy. In the Academy he learned to apply himself and he became a stellar student, learning all he could about medicine. He eventually was stationed in the Army as a field medic. He always had a heart for flying and would take every chance he could at TIE simulators. One night at a cantina, he got tired of hearing the local TIE-jockies' bragging and challenged them to a race. He beat the entire squadron. Their CO was impressed by his skills and had him transfered to the Navy to be a TIE pilot. He served on the Star Destroyer, Judicator, during the Battle of Endor, escaping with it when the Death Star exploded. He then was transfered to Death' Head to serve as their doctor as well as a TIE pilot during the next few years fending off rebel attacks until Grand Admiral Thrawn arrived and assimilated the Star Destroyer into his armada. Xanmiir is 1.8 meters tall, weighing roughly 90 kilos. He has light brown hair with green eyes and a scar that runs from the middle of his right cheeck to his right temple from his early years of 'knife fighting. I would like him to be in front of a TIE cockpit (or the whole ship if you like) with his helmet on the floor and his right foot proped on top of it. I envisioned him dressed in his flight suit leaning his right elbow on that knee fiddling with a vibroknife, facing forward with an intense look. You can add a medkit or pack next to his left leg if you like, but that would not be necessary. Thank you all for your consideration, I admire all the wonderful work that has been posted on this site. StarWolf