Female Mon Cal Change Up

Its been 7 long years since i had this toon from swg and i want to change her up a bit but keep her still a mon cal.

i want to change her body type where she looks more female i want to make her breasts bigger like a  c or d size more rounded.

Weight next is her belly size more rounded with curves on her side to where she looks good.

Clothing she likes skimpy clothing since the summer is over i need something that is fall like but still shows most of her belly and chest because thats my favorite part of her.

Colors She likes pink purple and blue.

Skin and body lines she has some lines on her belly i still want to keep but i wanted to change her skin to a less shell to more of a human skin with the mon cal lines in a human form.

Refs http://s163.photobucket.com/user/wewikk/library/Fo-Fi%20Stuff





 i forgot 1 thing make her belly something that is fun to poke and squeeze.