Darius Quinn, Old Republic Jedi Padawan

Here is my next character concept for the new campaign I am playing in. I was hoping someone would pick this up for me. Thanks in advance!

His blade cut through the droid blocking his path and it fell apart, clearing the path into the room beyond. By the orange glow of his saber, Darius could see the rubble strewn room was filled with the bodies of the fallen.

He and Master Vance were called to come and asses the situation on Kuat after some terrorists bombed one of the many starship manufacturing facilities located there. After arriving, another attack started on one of the planet side assembling plants and the pair came to search for survivors. What they found was a small army of assault droids laying waste to the building, careless of who was still inside.

Shutting his blade down, Darius hooked on his belt and straightened his tan under robes and readjusted his darker brown outer robes before entering the room. He concentrated on the present and the Force enabled him to feel the lifelessness of the bodies at his feet. He continued to walk through the desolated room feeling for any survivors.

“Found one, Master,” he said to Vance, who was standing guard in the hall, as he knelt by a human male who was half covered with the section of ceiling that had fallen on him. His life essence was very weak, almost gone. Darius again concentrated on the Force and accelerated the energies in the man’s body, speeding up the body’s own recovery cycle and his life signs began to grow stronger. Darius, satisfied that the man wouldn’t die in the next few hours, tested the weight of the duracrete slab pinning the executive down and concluded that he could prop one end up and slide it over without further endangering the man.

Dust puffed out as he let the slab fall into the rubble on the floor as Darius’ thought turned to the days when he was still training at the enclave. The younglings, only a few short years ago, were going through their physical training and he was close to the bottom of the class in strength. He was a skinny little nothing of a child during his early years and hadn’t yet truly hit his final growth spurt. Most of the other kids made fun of him because he was so small, but not Alexis. She didn’t pick on him, ok maybe a little but he realized now that he didn’t see it that way coming from her because he was enthralled by her, and she encouraged him to get stronger and better.

She was a beauty, no the beauty, of the academy. Every girl wanted to be like her and every boy wanted her, including Darius. She was slightly younger than he, but the two were almost inseparable through their training years. Darius grew to love her, even after they were taught that emotions and attachments were forbidden in Jedi because of the potential to succumb to those emotions and fall to the dark side. He was sure that she formed the same feelings for him. They would sneak out after curfew almost every night and sit under the stars for hours just being together and holding hands.

Then Master Vance arrived and chose Darius as his padawan and took him away from the enclave. He still was able to contact Alexis almost everyday until Master Vance deduced their feelings for each other and limited his contact with her. That was only a year ago, but they were still able to send recordings to each other and keep in contact. She had been chosen about six months ago and has been on assignment and their communications were slipping by the wayside.

“Focus, padawan.” Master Vance’s voice brought him back from his visit to the past. His master’s voice sounded strained and he was surprised to find the Jedi was fending off blaster bolts from a new group of droids who had found them. Darius quickly used the Force to awaken the executive from his unconsciousness and helped the man to his feet. He then ignited his lightsaber and joined his master in the hall, deflecting fire from the advancing droids. He was able to deflect some back at the firers to burn holes in the chassis of the assault machines.

Between the two Jedi, they made short work of the slower thinking droids and were able to help the injured man out of the disaster zone and into a medical shuttle that took him to a staging area where he would be evaluated and sent on for further treatment. The two Jedi spun and returned to searching for more survivors.

Physical description: Darius is a young man of 18 years who has a slight but strong build. His muscles are honed from years of training and he maintains his fitness through a regime of exercises everyday.

He has dark hair that he keeps short, although slightly longer than most padawans, with the tell tale braid behind his right ear. His ice blue eyes have garnered him a lot of attention from those of the opposite sex, and his chiseled features lend to his attractiveness.

He dresses in the typical Jedi fashion with light brown or tan robes and tan breeches, covered by the darker brown robes most Jedi are known for. He has a utility belt that he keeps his everyday items in, as well as a clip for his lightsaber. He wears sturdy brown boots that he keeps polished when not in a disaster zone.