Cyberpunk Slicer

First, I am new to these site. The work I have seen is amazing!

Second, I am creating a character for Star Wars Edge of the Empire RPG and I was hoping to get a character drawn up.

Name: Gabriel Allen

He is a "cyberpunk" (think Matrix) type character. He is mischevious, not sinister. In his mid twenties. Light brown hair and Dark brown eyes. He stands about 5'-8" with a medium 180lb build. Not overly muscular but not wiry either.

He is a Slicer who is obsessed with anything techy. When I say obsessed I mean, racking up debt on other fnancial obligations so that he can pay for even the most expensive gadget. He carries a backpack for the majority of his slicing/computer gear.

Anything would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to drop your name on the character anywhere but I will also give written credit in any group that I plan to use this character!