Custom Cybernetic Arm

Hey y'all. I'm new here, and incredibly useless when it comes to drawing or doing anything artistic, hence why I thought I would drop this in the requests. Anyway, I made a character for an RP and she ended up getting injured, had to get full cybernetic replacement, all that jazz. well to replace her left arm I gave her a telescopic hand appendage. And I was wondering if anyone here would like to draw up my idea for that? Idea is that the arm starts in her shoulder socket, about half of the bicep down to the elbow is like a cars suspension...a shock absorber covered by a coil-over spring, with some wires in between. This is to allow the arm to extend. then you have a plate, the elbow, another plate, and another shock absorber with spring for the first half or so of her forearm. The rest of the arm is relatively normal. If anyone picks this up...thanks. you're awesome! =)