A completely new starfighter, based on a historic plane!

Spätz Starworks Conquestor-class Light Duty Fighter


The Spätz Starworks Conquestor is a small single pilot starfighter, with a standard astromech port directly behind the smooth cockpit bubble. Made by a small Corporate Sector consortium; produced in moderate numbers beginning just after the end of the Clone Wars, as a means of protecting Corporate Sector interests from any third party who might be tempted to attack ex-Banking Clan star systems.


The design is quite unique, having a dual wing configuration, one over the other, connected by two vertical posts, and supported with electrobinders near the cockpit. The main complaint with the fighters was always that these vertical struts and electrobinders limited field of view for the pilot, but in light combat, and in testing these complaints were proven to make little difference to the starfighter's overall performance. Being that they weren't built for large scale warfare, but rather police actions and planetary protection, they were lightly armed, but still proved a match for pirates and New Order starfighters of the era.


Alright, now down to brass tacks: This starfighter is based on a bi-plane (specifically on the Henschel HS 123). The secondary supports near the pilot are electrobinders much like the ones used on Anakin's podracer (I picture an X of electricity on either side of the pilot's seat). Also, since there is no propeller, I picture a flattened nose where the raised ribs which encircle the nose continue around the front and converge at a protruding assault laser cannon, encircled by two doughnut shaped rings, one at the front of the cannon, and one where it extends from the nose of the ship. Since the Henschel HS 123 was primarily a dive bomber, in the place where a bomb wound usually be mounted is a proton torpedo launch tube, around the same size, molded into the bottom of the fuselage. On either side of the elegantly narrowing tail very close to the fuselage, and parallel to each other, molded not to the tail itself but the underside of the smaller tail wings (I am sorry I have forgotten the aeronautical term for these), there is a small ion engine (each roughly one-third the size of the tail wings). There are no cables or lines tying the wings to the tail, as there are in many of the photos of the Henschel. The only other thing I can think to mention is that the chunky landing gear (along with the stepping stirrups) of the Henschel fold smoothly and cleanly into the fuselage, including the dinky rear wheel. The only real difference is, instead of wheels, the landing gear are rounded landing pads (teardrop shaped, maybe smoothing, but keping nearly the same profile as the Henschel HS 123's gear if you extrapolate out the wheels). (You have complete freedom to show the starship either in flight mode, or with the landing gear and stirrups down, whichever appeals to you more).


Lastly, the paramilitary group who is currently using these ships has painted them cream and purple (true "Joker" purple, not lilac or a darker purple), with no symbols on them. It is completely up to your discretion how you use these colors on the starfighter, and which is the primary color. And feel free to have metallic accents wherever it would seem natural to do so.


Thank you so much for even taking the time to read through this, and I know it seems a bit silly, but it's something I've wanted to be able to show a picture of ever since I first described it to my players!


I would be extremely grateful to have any of the amazing artists here take a crack at this one, and make my mental vision become a reality!


Thanks again, and if you have any questions feel free to ask!