Campaign NPCs

I've been trying to find some profile pictures for my campaign's various NPCs, but so far have been unable to locate any that truly suit the individuals themselves. And so I thought I'd throw out this request and see if anyone would be able to help. Some of the more prominent NPCs so far are introduced below: Chay Zelln. A female Zeltron smuggler, and the captain of the weathered old Ghtroc freighter, "Lasting Glory". She has pink skin and short, dark blue hair, worn back in a stunted pony-tail. She's a strong woman, but possesses a rough edge to her personality. Arriaddik. The female Wookiee first-mate of the "Lasting Glory", Arriaddik is lean and short for her species, but is frighteningly strong. She has light brown fur, and a level of compassion for others that is incredible. She owes two life debts - one to Chay, and one to Parella. Parella. Far shorter and more slender than most of his ilk, the young Parella the Hutt has wide, yellow eyes and a flat, unappealing face. The most unusual member of Chay's crew, Parella is - unsurprisingly - treated with mistrust by everyone around him, including Arriaddik, whose dislike of the Hutt is increased because of the existence of their life debt. Parella speaks in Basic, and shrouds himself in mystery. Pors. The slender, pale Muun called Pors is calm and wise, and acts as an adviser to Alsakan's governing family - the Quillans. He is widely respected and trusted, and acts as the voice of reason when hotter heads seem to be prevailing.