Blood Carver Jedi Without Force Sensitivity

This is for a player in a SWSE game I run. This Blood Carver is a Jedi without Force sensitivity. Qoy Jaqqa was discovered on Batorine in his adolescence by Bothan Jedi Master Norru Trek'su. Qoy had no sensitivity to the Force, but Master Trek'su sensed a portent from the Force, the young Blood Carver was to play a larger role in the galaxy. He was never presented to the Jedi Council for admittance to the Order, though Master Trek'su instructed him in the ways of the Jedi anyway. The Blood Carver's presence in the Temple was never publicly questioned, Master Trek'su had a reputation for being a feared/respected radical within the Order. Qoy excelled in lightsaber combat, besting most of the other padawans he sparred with, even without the aid of the Force. Having no Blood Carver tribe to call his own, he transferred his attachment and loyalty to the Jedi Order itself. He wears a leather tunic and short trousers cut in such a way as to not impede his acrobatics and natural flexibility. Over that, he wears a cloak that is vaguely reminiscent of standard Jedi robes. He carries two lightsabers (one blue, one amber) that he conceals at the small of his back, hanging from leather thongs on his tunic. His demeanor is of subtlety, trying not to draw attention to himself. The build concept was basically a D&D rogue -=In Space=-. He sneaks around waiting for an opportunity to stab his target in the back, igniting and extinguishing his lightsabers quickly to land a deadly hit. Thanks for considering!