The Animus - A Custom Hoersch-Kessel Driveworks Combat Freighter

The Animus is a one of the most feared ships in the Unknown Regions, with a sociopathic bounty hunter at its helm, heavily-armed droid security, & the weapons systems to back it all up. A Custom ordered Hoersch-Kessel Driveworks Combat Freighter based closely on the design of the Munificent-class Star Frigate, the Animus is 50 meters long, and just over 25 meters tall, equipped with an oversized double turbolaser, the ship has a massive sensor suite & even senors masks. Animus is standard imperial white with crimson stripes painted at an angle. How you interpret this ship is up to you, but I'd really like to have some type of visual representation to show to my players! Thank you so much for taking a look!