4 droids and a vehicle (4 weddings and a funeral)

I'm writting an adventure for FFG's Edge of the Empire (fan-made, not professionnal!), and I need some artwork. Specifically, I want to use new droids, on top of a few that we've already seen. So I'm looking for either existing art or new art for a couple of droids.

The Adventure is a follow-up to the Debts to pay adventure of the Game Master's kit. the first 2 droids are the nemesis of the adventure. They are working on making a droid revolution and destroy organics.

1 - R2 Astromech (R2-B7)

2 - EV-series supervisor/interrogator droid :http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/EV-series_supervisor/interrogator_droid (EV-8D3)

3 - New droid type, I don't have a name yet for that one. this would be a labor droid (ASP-7?) or another type of droid to deal with moving cargo or mining equipement, this should be very old-looking, the droids were left behind years ago and reprogrammed. They should have weapons (the first 2 droids having armed them)

4 - Ugly-Droids: Those are droids built from other droid's parts, make it a mix of many "existing" and invented droids parts.Again, they should be armed.

As for vehicule, I need a TIE-Interceptor and a Lambda-class, possibly the TIE-Interceptor chasing the Lambda shuttle in an asteroid field, but I know I'm asking a lot! ;)

It's my first time making a request here, so I'm unsure of what to expect or ask. For the number 3 and 4, I would be more than willing to use more than one submission. A couple of art piece would be great.

Also, when I share (not publish) the adventure, I want to make sure that whoever's art is in, gets credit, so I'll need to know how you want credit for, name, link to webpage?