Sullustan Male "Tech" [Asok]

This is my first request so please correct me if I'm doing something wrong. This request also isn't really pressing so I don't care if it takes a year or a week or an hour to be finished.

So to the request. I was looking across the galleries for a Sullustan and wasn't pleased. Sullustans are very few in numbers here for a pretty common species and nearly all of them here are Jedi. Now that the requests are up I thought I'd request one.

My request is for a character I recently made named Juem Moplin. He is a Sullustan male who grew up on a small, privatly owned space station. The space station was only visited by a few spacers who were very loyal. Juem was learning to become the communications tech as an "apprentice" to a Wookiee Clone Wars veteren.

But the Empire did what it does best and took the station over after driving all of the customers off. Juem went down to the moon that orbited the same planet that the station orbited and started to intercept the transmissions in and out with what he learned from the Wookiee. He managed to get the messages to the Rebels and they eventually sent a strike force to take out the base and rescue Juem. He discovered that he was feeding the Rebels false info and most of his contacts (who were his friends from the station) had been arrested. He is now going off to boot camp for the Rebel Army.

So what I really want is a skinny Sullustan. Otherwise I'm open to ideas for his pose and the setting. I've been throwing around the ideas of either him staking out on the planet, in boot camp, or on the station. Idealy he'd be tinkering with some sort of communication divice, either a scanner like the one Han uses in ESB or working on a panal in the station. I have a whole page background written up and stats (SAGA) if you need more information.

Thanks for your time,

Cheif Captain