Sugar and spice and all things bratty... [silk]

That's what Umbra Tendrassa is made of!

Umbra is about four years old, a Human/Twi'lek hybrid with light grey skin, blue eyes, mid-length lekku...and a untidy mess of long curly black hair. Stockily built, she combines her Twi'lek mother's cunning and craftiness with her Human father's resourcefulness. She is rarely seen without her favorite stuffed bantha, which has seen much love from this young lady.

I would like to see her in something roughly equivalent to "play clothes"...nothing too frilly and nothing pink please!

This is my RP character's daughter, a snapshot taken on a quick visit back to Ryloth, something a proud mama can show her friends. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the bratling, please feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance for considering my request!