New Alien Scoundrel [Drig][Aenid]

While looking at the episodes for the sixth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Wookiepedia, I came across two new jedi that will be introduced this season.  The species have not been named yet but they look cool.

So this is the request.

Female Scoundrel of the following alien: ~Click Here~  or ~Click Here~  or your own color of choice.

A outfit that is similar to Han Solo's or Platt Okeefe ~Click Here~ or maybe a smooth talking con artist.  I leave certain details to the artist ~Click Here~

Height: 1.73m

Weight: 57kg

Eyes: Compliments skin color

Weapons: Hold out blaster, up to the artist if it is hidden or held.

I will leave it up the artist for the background and allow the viewer to interpret the characters background.

Thanks for reading this request from your humble servant,

Lord Crumb :)