Male Shistavanen (Sylvain Thont) [Asok]

First of all: I hope I do not break any rules by writing a second and less important request.

Sylvain does not really stand out of the crowd, at least when he's not totally surrounded by humans.
With a size of around 1,8 meters(sorry for meters, I'm just used to it) he is just like many others Shistavanen.
He's neither thin nor fat, just average in weight too.
His fur has an slight brownish color - something between dark blond and light brown to be exact.
On his right shoulder he has a scar of the size of a fist.
He dresses rather practically.
For example he prefers simple clothes made of linen or similar, combined with a leather-vest - simply everything that is robust and more importantly not too expensive.
Normally he does not use weapons - but he still has a blaster and a sniper rifle from his former times.
That's already everything about his appearance - he appears like the average Shistavanen.

Sylvain does not know who his family is - he was born as an imperial slave and was seperated from his mother when he was just old enough to be fed by hand.
His imperial masters first used him as a cheap worker, but at some time they realized that Sylvain was not really made for most of the works he had to do - so they used him as an unpaid scout to track down criminals, rebels and every one else, who the empire searched for.
One day, Sylvain was following some tracks of an rebel on Tatooine, he became a victim of both sides.
He had followed the tracks of the rebel to a small encampment in the midst of nowhere, when he was captured by the rebels.
After some hours of interrogation, the encampment was attacked by imperial stormtroopers.
They killed everyone - including Sylvain. Or at least they thought so. Sylvain survived the almost deadly wound at his shoulder, though the wound knocked him out in an instant.
Still heavily injured and without any water and victuals he simply ran through the desert, after he came back to consciousness and was sure that there was no stormtrooper near.
His wound healed pretty fast, something typical for Shistavanen.
Instead of his wound, Sylvain had a new problem - he had to find food and water or he would starve or die of thirst.
He already gave up hope, when he tumbled into the small town Mos Yasma.
The people of the town rescued him.
He repaid them by scouting and hunting for them. After a pretty short time, he had enough money to buy an empty shop in the town, which he used as a place to breed animals - something he always had dreamed of.

Sylvain is probably one of the most extroverted Shistavanen the galaxy ever had seen - he likes to talk with people, is friendly and always willing to help others.
As a consequence most people are astonished, when they meet Sylvain as they expect a person who is staying alone, talking as little as possible.