Jedi Female, vs. Sith Male [Mercy]

If someone would please take this request, it would be greatly appreciated.

I am not good at brining my work alive through illustrated art, and so I need help with this one. No matter how good I write the scene, it just doesn't hold the impact that I would like it to (at least to me, anyway).

There are two characters involved. One is my own, and the other belongs to another player within our RP. These two characters have a history with eachother, they know each other's weaknesses.

My character:

Name: Murra Tekal
Hair: Black (long)
Eyes: Grey
Occupation: Jedi Master/Force Healer
Weapons: Lightsaber, vibro blade
Clothes: Jedi garb
Body type: Athletic
Sex: Female

The second character:

Name: Ith'li Shaon
Hair: White (long)
Eyes: Artist Discretion
Occupation: Sith/Dark Jedi
Weapons: Lightsaber
Clothes: Dark Colored garb
Body type: Athletic
Sex: Male

The scene:

Murra, a strong female type character has lost a battle against Ith'li. Ith'li, knowing the kind of stubborn-ness that runs through his Corellian Jedi adversary, forces her to kneel before him.

It is an emotional scene, due to the fact that Murra views kneeling to anyone as a sign of weakness, of lowering herself to what others think she should be.

For a more creatively written description of the scene, or if I have forgotten a detail I should have listed, please message me.

Thank you!