Holonet Bounty Hunter Reality Show [Drig]

This idea came up after a few emails going back and forth in my RP group.


A holonet reality show around Bounty Hunter Ashton Antilles and his cast/crew that follow him around on his missions. The concept is very much like Punk'd, only that they are hilarious methods of "offing" people that are wanted.

Here's the show's tagline:

Frozen in carbonite? Ship hit with a particle beam from orbit? Hyperspace computer sliced, sending your ship into the closest sun?

We’re not collecting the bounties, just the ratings. You’ve been Merc’d!


What I want is Ashton Antilles (ashton kutcher in star wars bounty hunter look... only a little .. um.. manlier? :P) in front of his ship (ship design up to the artist, needs to hold at least 6 people, so a small freighter or transport)... with the MERC'D logo above ... the intention is that it looks like a splash image for the show.

It's a silly request, but I'm going to work this whole thing into our campaign... maybe even play Ashton myself.