Heavily modified Nebulon-B or B2 [Hisham]

Howdy fair illustrators and designers! I'm not sure how one goes about doing this, so I'll do it this way:

I am in the process of making a location for the Star Wars RPG available to any and all players. Cartol's Emporium its called.

Cartol's Emporium is a large Nebulon-B or Nebulon-B2, that has been heavily modified. Most weapons have been removed and large parts of the ship has been reconfigured to allow room for light transports in the hangar bays. Besides this ship is run by a fraction of the crew that is normally required. Most room has been taken up by shop keepers, traders, hotels and crafty entrepeneurs.

Besides the on board internal modifications, the long and thin section between the aft and the prow of the ship has been modified to become somewhat larger. Also, attached to this section are now four or five long tubes or corridors that lead out to a docking ring that goes around the mid-section of the ship. This section allows for more ships to dock with the Emporium for trade, fuel and small modifications (it is by no means a shipyard or place for attaching large mods).

The Emporium travels the less travelled routes, visiting strange worlds, staying away from the larger trading ports and hyperspace lanes. It is a mobile free-port, or shadow port if your will.

So what I wish for, is an illustration of this vessel. The colours should be based in the normal Nebulon-B grey, but corrosion and modifications can of course add to this.

So any takers? Any ship-designers willing to give this a shot?


In advance thank you very much!

Best wishes,