Female Human Senator [Drig]

Hello, everyone! I've been GM'ing a SW D20 game for a few months now, and I'd really like to get a hold of a portrait for one of the campaign's major NPCs. I also just recently started to play her on a SW mu*. She's the senator of Corellia in a New Republic era game, although she was raised on Dac/Mon Calamari for the majority of her childhood. Personality-wise, she is similar to the typical Mon Cal - peaceful, intelligent, and predominently passive, although she has been to acquire a very aggressive edge during conflicts and debates. I have a much onger description of her history and personality available should the artist want to read it, although both are written in first person, from her point of view. Finally, I'd like to work with the artist to come up with an appropriate scene to draw her into - perhaps with the senate chamber or the Corellian landscape in the background. The picture could be a portrait similar to the ones in the Rogue's Gallery, though.

Here's a basic description of what I imagine her to look like:
Tall (5'10") and willowy, Belladonna exudes a background of priveledge and wealth. Naturally straight dark red hair falls down to her knees, providing a sharp contrast to her rather pallid white skin tone. The length of hair often casts a crimson veil over the woman's dark brown eyes and frequently sullen but patrician facial features. Initial glances might suggest Belladonna is somewhere in her late thirties or early forties, however many would say this human woman has aged gracefully, possessive of a slight 'ageless' quality.

An elegantly cut black robe with dark purple trim billows about her frame, looking as if the garment was tailored specifically for her. Whenever Belladonna sets into movement, the robe freely swathes about her frame, revealing a flash of the ebon slippers on her feet. She doesn't appear to be wearing any jewelry, although cursory glances can be deceiving.


Thank you all for your time!