Female Human Mandalorian: Shyra Volka [aenid]

Hopefully someone here is interested in helping me out.  I'm joining a new Star Wars d6 game and I'd like to get a female mandalorian character done.  She would be a former Death Watch/Mandalorian Protector gone mercenary.  She makes use of her full Mandalorian armor/helm/jetpack combo, uses dual blaster pistols and has a sabre/dart launcher on her left arm vambrace.  She hasn't modified her armor heavily yet, but intends to do so.  She also makes use of a blaster carbine, similar to Boba Fett.  She is a mercenary for hire and is possibly working for the "Rebellion" in secret or on occasion.  Her armor is a dark purple nearly black in color with some dark pink/red highlights similar to Sabine's style in Star Wars Rebels.   

May the Force be with you, always,