Female Human Jedi [Lal-Khan]

I've been hoping for an artist to do my Female Jedi Master, Crystal Roshia.

She has black long hair, (about midway to her back) Wears white outer robe with hood, and black clothing on the inside ((robes or seperate clothes, doesn't matter)) ... She has blue eyes. The most unique thing about Crystal is her lightsaber. It is a single lightsaber that is split in two. it's as long as a dual bladed saber, so basically two regular sized handles. Both handles look like ropes hanging off her belt. with the slight metalic look on the top of one and bottom of the other where they attach. Crystal's fighting style is very defensive, if that helps you with her demeaner. Crystal is around 33 years old. Not real thin... She has nice curves, and very athletic.

If you want, her apprentice is a firey red headed 13 year old girl who is spunky. I haven't given her much of a description.. but she can be in the pic with Crystal. She has Crystals old lightsaber which also looks like a rope hanging from her robes ((color of robes doesn't matter)) ((it's a single saber, so just the one handle))

If someone would like to do this for me,I'd greatly appreciate it.