Elite Mando Warrior [Tramp]

My request is of the Mandalorian Supercommando Garen Starfall, future Mandalore. He is about 6'2" tall, about thirty years old, and is well built but more sculpted than big. His armor is a blue color with gold trimmings along the outline of his visor, shoulderpads, and kneepads. He wears a small black cape on his right shoulder, (think fett's) and it is usually pocketed with holes and cuts. His armor itself is most likely banged up. I always pictured him as having black hair that may be as long as to his neck or shaved it makes no difference to me. He has blue eyes and his skin tone would probably be a tanish color, he lived in the deserts of Concord Dawn where the sun beat down on the land quite hard. Other than that Ill give a description of his personality right now and a bit of background.

Garen is coolheaded not rushing into battle blindly and rarely allowing his emotions to control his actions. He is secluded, few people know him outside his armor, both his physical and emotional armor. As a commander he never asks anything of his troops he wouldn't hesitate to do himself and he always fights alongside the soldiers he leads. He is a very cunning, determined, and skilled opponent. He uses an array of weapons most notably his dual blasters which feature nice shiny blades under the barrels for close in combat. Garen is also extremely tough, known to take damage like a tank and continue to fight even fight with more intensity. He is a vetran of many battles and has proven himself a true leader and fearsome warrior, he has lost most of his friends and comrades in battle. Some died in his arms as he could do nothing to save them. He has been through a lot and its wearing on him. Id like him to have his Helmet held against his hip in the portrait if possible but if you'd rather do it with it on I wont complain. Any detail I missed is open for your imagination, run with it and enjoy it.

I hope this is enough to spark someone's interest. If more info is needed I'd be happy to provide it. Thanks to whoever takes this or those that even consider it.