[Droid] RA-VN - Self Aware Bounty Hunter [Asok]

Hello, and thank you for your interest. my group is starting up an RPG [Saga] campaign for the first time, and I'll be playing a droid character, it's name is still a work in progress itself, but for now, that's where I'm at. I believe it's being set in the New Jedi Order period.

RA-VN is a relic of the past, stowed away and shut down for a good many years till finally it along with the rest of the cargo within the hold of the Star Wyvern was 'liberated' by who RA-VN would soon come to know as it's new master.

The ithorian which found it, was both a pirate and scoundral, looking for easy jobs and abanadoned ships, never one to stick his neck out too far for his credits. Not to say he wasn't willing to work for some of the sectors crime families, he'd simply rather avoid anything that looked like a blaster pointed his way. Long space flights would bring him to keep the new found droid and do his best to repare and upgrade his cortex and other more important parts, on those long flights, it's nice to have someone to speak with.

As time went on, RA-VN would be given his heuristics processor, so the ithorian would have better company, and not only that, he came to lone the droid out from time to time to work for others, finding it able to take those more dangerous tasks that he previously wished to avoid.

Lacking memory wipes, the Heuristic processor, and the lack of behavor inhibitors, well, this path typically only led one way....

Now, self aware and no longer having a master, RA-VN seeks to Evolve.

At home working for near by crime lords, and a bit of piracy, never know when passing ships ight have components that he could have added to himself.

Basic upgrades, components and systems.

•Humanoid, two legs, two arms, and a head.
•Lightly armored, more lithe than anything, but as a droid of course has a measure of strength.
•Left hand(each hand as three fingers and a thumb) has a personal holoprojector which is used to project an image of his 'Master'. (Used to allow others to speak with his master, should they have any quetions.)
•Right arm would have a seal where it could be removed, at some point a measure of modulation would be given to him. (Removing the armor, putting in a heavy gun mount, for example.)
•Has sensory packages upgraded, and his head would have a single eye, with a closable iris(doesn't need to be pictured really, the iris that is.) Think this would give him a bit of a Hal 9000 feel. =p
•Would like to eventually have four smaller 'drones' which could be used to go out and repair the ship he's in, or even him. (No idea what these should look like, not sure if hovering ones or perhaps ones with four legs would be better.)
•Overall, would like it to look top of the line-ish, and sleek.

A lot of the stuff doesn't need to be pictured, just added it to give you all an idea of where I'd like to eventually go with this guy.

Thanks for your time.