Bothan Bounty Hunter - Norr Kas'lar [Evan Black]

Norr Kas'lar hates the stereotype given to Bothans. He despises that the galaxy sees all Bothans as conniving, secretive manipulators. Borsk Fey'lya is his biggest pet peeve. Norr's father was a successful bounty hunter who handed the reigns of his business over to Norr and the motley crew of humans he'd gotten himself in with. Norr has begun to get a reputation to be a most humane bounty hunter. Once his target is captured, he attempts them to make them comfortable in their transit to the issuer. Norr is not rough or rude. He provides a comfortable cell, running water and clean linens.
Norr is a 24 year old Bothan. He is approximately 6 feet tall, and has sandy colored fur and brown eyes.. He is known to wear light blue, on his spacer's coveralls and his blast vest. His weapon of choice is a modified blaster rifle. The rifle has been fitted with what looks like a large can under slung to the main barrel. This cannister holds a net which he uses to capture his bounties in a less than lethal fashion. He might also have a ear-embedded comlink, and a few stun grenades slung over his shoulder on a bandoleer.