Barefoot hippie Corellian Jedi [Tramp]

Okay, so I was directed here and saw all the wonderful art, and consequently I just couldn't resist. I'm an artist, but my drawing skills are badly out of shape, and I'd like to see someone else's interpretation of my character, anyway. Plus, I'm t3h suck at action poses even when I'm in form, and I'd like to see something with a little motion, if someone would take it on. :)

Leiraya Moran is a Corellian Jedi of the Knights of the Old Republic era, and my main Original Character. I'm thinking about letting her out to do some RPing. I'm horribly auteurish, so we'll see how that works out. Mainly she's been written in fanfic, and has made a number of appearances.

As to the character- She is unabashedly nonconformist, and isn't afraid to let people know it. Her pacifistic streak does not make her passive- to the contrary, she is a prime example of Corellian stubbornness. She prefers free-flowing (but not too long) skirts for their freedom of movement, and has refused to wear shoes for many years. She wields a single green lightsaber, and her fighting style is very much that of a dancer. She has trained in a variety of traditional dance forms, and very much views lightsaber combat as another kind of dance.

Basic look info: 5'6", small frame, waist-length red-purple hair (no, it's not natural, but she had a burning desire to be different) that she usually leaves down, but will tie back in a braid sometimes. Hazel eyes, fair complexion.

Anyone who would be willing to take this on would have my eternal gratitude. :D Thank you very much!