Anomid Crime Lord - He's So Bad He's Good! [Asok]


This request is actually for an event which occurs just after Thanksgiving. I think this is a realy interesting piece and potentially a great way to show an artist's ability to draw a character's emotions - without being way over the top.

Here is the scene I envision:

An Anomid sits in a booth or tall solid stool (approximate bar stool height). He is dressed in regla clothing, flowing (especially inthe arms) they appear to be cutom made for him and no expenxse spared. His vocalizer is predominantly black but has very detailed inlays of gold throughout it - purely for the asthetics. His skin tone is a muted dark purple (if you can picture what i am saying here congratulations). His expression [escpecially tough because of the vocalizer) is one of welcome and conveys a feeeling of hospitalty but a non snonsense streak as well. It's not that he's overyly happy to see you but he seems to be the typed always armed with a good joke. he is not threatening but you know he could make sure his 'promises' are followed through.
An interesting note on decor - the location he is in is a bar but at the same time you feel like you are on the surface of Tattoine. Ther eis actually sand on the ground and black robed jawas are actualy the security force here (they need not be pictured). The bar would have the usual accrutrimants but everything would have earthen tones and a sandish feel.

If this scene interests you please let me know I will be glad to send you some reference information to convey this even better for you.

For private inquireies fel free to hit my inbox or at my e-mail:

Thank you for taking the time to review this and hopefully become interested in tackling this unique piece.