Alderaanian Doctor/ Bounty Hunter [Evan Black]

The Request : Human female from Alderaan. I’m not really bothered about what medium it’s in, but I don’t want it done in a manga style (graphic novel style is fine)

Height : 1.6 metres (sorry for the metric, but that’s what I was brought up with and I visualise it better in metric)
Eye Colour: brown
Hair Colour: brown
Completion: pale

Appearance: Slender build. I’d like her hair done in an Alderaanian style, something similar to what Leia has on Hoth in Empire Strikes Back. As for clothing, she can either be dressed as a doctor/medic, I would like her to be sat at a desk in a medical ward, studying a data pad with a bacta tank in the background and a medical droid. I would like her wearing a holstered blaster pistol, with a blaster rifle propped up against the desk. If that's a bit much, then I would settle for her standing, without the background, bacta tank etc.

She was a doctor before her homeworld was destroyed, but she became a bounty hunter afterwards. (The reason why I’ve requested her to be drawn as a medic is because there must be loads of bounty hunter types around, but if the artist wants to draw her like that, then it’s ok. If it’s possible to incorporate both into the picture, then go ahead, as that would be more than I expected.)

Thanks in advance.