Ajax: runaway Jedi [Mercy]

I have this idea for a RPG character who is an Ex-jedi.
His name is Ajax Naktaros, he was only a Padawan learner when Order 66 was enacted. He and his master fled to the planet Corellia to hide away. His master was killed in a skirmish with some Clone troopers as soon as they landed. Ajax was mortally wounded and left for dead. He survived but carries a scar over his right eye because of it.
Ajax wears light battle gear, and heavy boots. Around his waist he carries his extra ammo and other supplies. He also carries his lightsaber on his belt but it is fairly well hidden under the long black cloak he wears. over his shoulder he carries his Blaster rifle. Strapped to his right leg he has a Han Solo style blaster.

Please, if anyone could help me out and draw this that would be really awesome. Thanks so much.