Vaedom -- A new species request [silk]

The Vaedom are a humanoid species from the mid-rim, who have had a mottled history with the Republic and the Hutts ever since they were first discovered, along a dead hyperspace route nearly a millenia before the battle of Yavin. Vaedom have very human-like faces, aside from having large eyes, a smaller than normal for a human mouth, and short pointy ears. Males have thick curling horns (not unlike a bighorn sheep's) coming from the area of their skull above their temples, whereas females have delicate thinner horns (more like those of an ibex) which slowly curve behind their heads. All Vaedom typically are of darker skin, ranging from olive skin to almost obsidian black, and extremely hirsute from just below their neck. This downy fur is almost always the same coloration as their skin; this fur covers their four-fingered hands, and their feet, and completely covers their tail, which ends in a bulbous arrowhead like tip. Other than those details, the people tend to be primitive, wearing little in the way of clothing aside from leather loin cloths, and usually carrying a short bow with them.


Thanks for considering my request!