Slade the Mando Jedi/Sith

Slade is a Mandolorian with the ability to use the Force ever since he was two although he Does Not know how to Control it yet. He was supposed to be trained by the hands of the Emperor but the ship that was Kidnapped him was Ambushed by Rebels and the Pilot launched him into an Escape Pod where he drifted to a Near By Planet known as Lothal and he is now 21 and lives the Life of a Bounty Hunter. 

Hair: he has Light Brown texture to his hair, its long and shaggy

Eyes: he has a Brownish-Orange eye Color and he usually has a Serious look on.

Body: he isnt very buff, but if i were to compare to any character in Canon..i would say around Anikin Skywalkers type and size..

Armor: he wears a Storm Troopers Battle armor Torso(he stole it from the trooper he killed) for Blaster Protection(prob wont help) but he hides it with a dark Black Jedi-like Cloak while wearing regular Lothal pants..

Weapons: he carries a Mandolorian Dagger he was given as a Toddler for Memories, a average Blaster Pistol he bought..

*facial features* he has none

Thanks to whoever helps me with this Request :)