Roleplay Character Fan Art request... [JohnGWolf]

Name: AhKeemn Rasheed
Nickname: AhKeemn
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Species: Mirialan
Profession: Jedi Consular

Appearance: Standing in the shadows, saber in one hand at the ready, and the other hand up as if lifting something with the force.

Face Appearance: some tattoos like: These.

Hair Color: Dark Blue
Hair Style: like this
Eye Color: blue
Build: Average/Athletic (toned but not too muscular)
Height: 5’11
Weight: 197

Weapon(s): light saber: blue
Armor: Jedi Robes, one with the good on and maybe one with the hood off to see what looks better. and Maybe a scanner eye piece like garrus from mass effect has.

Personality: Smart, quiet, helpful, and can be quite funny, or good at making others laugh.

Background: Ahkeemn Rasheed was born on the world of Mirial, the frigid, dry home world of the Mirialans. At the age of 1, he was sent to the Jedi Temple as he was found to be Force-Sensitive and it was at the Jedi Temple that Ahkeemn learned the ways of the force and eventually became a Jedi Consular.

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