The little hard-working Pit-Droid


so this is my first request.

As some of you know, I’m planning a droid-only adventure set on a small moisture farm on Tatooine.
I already drew my droid character but I really would like to see him interpreted by another artist.

WKK-91, or „Wavy“ is a DUM-series pit droid with olive plating colour, a red waves pattern on his head and a blue eye/ sensor. He wears a kind of bag on his chest made of brown leather, were he stows away his tools.
Because of several memory deletion by his former owners he doesn’t know how long he existing, but for the last six years the works on the moisture farm of Brewn Ulan, where he repairs vaporators and does other maintenance jobs.
He’s a little bit of a perfectionist, who always tries to impress his owner.

Thank you for your attention.