Ewok Pilot and his D2 unit [grendeljd]

I have a request for a strange but very amazing character thats finally coming back to the party. His name is Asha he is an Ewok ace pilot and frequently accompanied by his astromech droid Squiggins. It would be amazing to have them drawn together but i understand if you don't wanna draw both. Asha is your typical Ewok when it comes to height he however was shaved near the beginning of our game so is in the awkward stage of regrowth he carries a human sized blaster on his right leg and a machete across his back. His fur is light brown and he wears a black t-shirt, blue jeans, no shoes, a dark blue hood, and has a pair of silver aviators. Squiggins is a typical astromech droid but has black as the main chassis color with red coloring for the highlights and a few scorch marks on him from a few surprise blaster fights. If any artist is willing to draw them i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for considering this request and have a great day.