Dug Sith Sorcerer in Armor

Hi folks,

I'm hoping to start a new campaign in the near fugure.  I'm working on a character concept for a sith sorcerer who goes around in (and feel free to laugh as it amuses me)  a modified version of the MK II Lite Clonetrooper armor that's been modified with sith alchemy.  The armor should have a set of microbinoculars built into the helmet.  He's carying a Khopesh that has (like the armor) been treated with sith alchemy. 

Oh...almost forgot...he's a Dug. That's the bit that makes the armor kinda funny.  I figure it'll likely need to be failry modified to fit the anatomy of a Dug, but I also figure that weird is half the fun.

He also travels with a Q7 Astromech droid.

I look forward to what you folks come up with.