Capital-class ships and escorts

Hello, my name is Anthony and it has been a year since I made a request for Capital ships. I am making a new, more detailed request in hopes that one of the many talented artists here will take on the challenge of helping me to realize my vision. Each of these ships needs to have an organic look much like the Mon Calamari ships. You are free to design them to be as close to Mon Cals as you can, just try to make them original-looking enough that they can be distinguished by me and others to be just different enough from Mon Cals.

The first ship I would like to ask for is the Phantom-class War Cruiser. At 1,750 meters long it needs to have the firepower to broadside 2 Imperial-class Star Destroyers at the same time. I would like it to be similar in appearance to a Mon Calamari starship so the Imperials will think it is a Rebel ship and not from a new threat. It must have no fewer than 2 launch/landing bays for fighters and other craft. It weapons must include dual and quad turbolasers, ion cannons, point defense laser and flak cannons, torpedo launchers, and 8 specialised launch tubes for 20 meter long gravitic torpedoes. The gravitic torpedoes cause an implosion in space which forms a blackhole-like vortex which destroys ships by using gravity to collapse the ships into the vortex. 

The second ship is the Deiant-class Dreadnaught. From bow to stern it is 1,300 meters and bristles with enough weapons to successfully engage a single Star Destroyer and hold its attention until help arrives. With half the weapons and fighters of the larger Phantom-class, the Defiant-class still poses a threat to most Imperial craft. Unlike the Phantom however, the Defiant has a larger aft firing arc with more aft weapony. This helps the Defiant protect the larger Phantom during retreat actions as well as flanking maneuvers performed by an enemy. This craft has the same weapon types as the Phantom minus the gravitic torpedo launchers.

The 3rd ship type is the Nebula-class Frigate. At 900 meters in length, the Nebula has an almost perfect balance of speed, agility, maneuverability, and weapons. It lacks an internal hangar for starfighters though it can carry twelve fighter craft on external docking ports. With its compact size, the Nebula can take on Strike-class cruisers, Carrack-class light cruisers, and even the Nebulan-B frigate with ease and expect a victory. With its weapons at equidistant locations, it has an almost perfect 360 degree field of fire. Each bank of weapons contains turbolaser cannons, ion cannons, anti-fighter flack cannons, and missile launchers.  

The 4th ship I call the Renegade-class Gunship. The gunship is faster and more heavily armed than any ship its size as it is only 300 meters. It is equipped with both anti-fighter flack cannons and long-range laser cannons for destroying waves of enemy fighter craft. For engaging larger foes, it is equipped with four banks of heavy turbolaser cannons, ion cannons, and multiple torpedo launchers. Working in groups, these small craft have been successful in simulations against larger Victory-class Star Destroyers, though they still require larger craft to successfully engage an Imperial-class and expect a victory.

My final ship request is for a transport craft. It carries out the same mission profile as a Sentinel-class transport.At 40 meters long, the Valkyrie-class assault transport is designed to deliver troops into battle and act as close support for the troops as they fight to take better positions. The ship is similar in shape to the ship Talyn fro the show Farscape. Instead of the outrigger finials curving like Talyn, they need to be straight and flatter than the N-1 Naboo Starfighter engines. The main fuselage should look like the body of Talyn with a dual light turbolaser turret dorsal and ventral. On the bow just underneath the cockpit there needs to be 2 weapon ports which can be either laser cannons, ion cannons, or even missile launchers. On the outriggers dorsal and ventral surfaces, will be quad laser cannons like those found on the Millenium Falcon. One quad laser dorsal, one ventral on each of the 2 outriggers.