Villain Request- Thrawn, Hannibal Lecter, General Grievous and Sherlock Holmes mash-up

I am looking for a portrait (preferably a before and after) of a villain for an upcoming Star Wars RPG campaign I am running. It is set during the Rebellion Era, but there is a bit of an alternate timeframe thing going on. The important thing is that one of the themes I am looking to emphasize is the human-centric nature of the Empire. The villain in question starts out as the Commander of the 503rd Stormtrooper Legion. He is a Zabrak, but tries to hide his nature by shaving down his horns and using makeup to cover up his facial markings. Thematically this is a reflection of his attempt to hide his psychopathic nature. Imagine Hannibal Lecter hiding behind the mask of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Superficially he behaves much like Thrawn, being an expert at manipulating others to his own ends. However, behind the lawful evil exterior, hides an evil and chaotic genius. His secret goal is to destroy the Empire and wipe out humanity as revenge for atrocities they (the Empire) visited upon his family. His plan is to achieve a high level of command within the Imperial military and foment civil war. The plan isn't exactly clear from here, but grandiose delusions are somewhat characteristic of psychopaths. These plans are derailed by discrimination within the Empire. Despite the fact that he performed significantly better than any other candidate, he is not chosen for command of the 501st Legion, Vader's Legion, but instead the 503rd. Although the 503rd's mission is important, and doing well there could potentially lead to promotion, it is also extremely difficult and full of ambiguous choices. Thus, the chance that even someone as exceptional as this character could come out looking bad is extremely high. He knows this, and this drives him to desperate measures. He places himself in undue danger and he suffers terrible wounds. Of course, this is Star Wars, so the Emperor rebuilds him and employs him as one of his Hands. I imagine his rebuilt form as some kind of cross between General Grievous (definitely use melee weapons, at least in part) and the third image down on this webpage: Clicky. Due to his injuries he ends up with a split brain pathology, in which he has two different personalities and each has control over different parts of his body. This combined with his electronic enhancements makes his outward personality and abilities reminiscent of an evil version of Sherlock Holmes as portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. in the Guy Ritchie version of Sherlock Holmes. So he has these incredible perceptive abilities and the ability to predict others actions. However, his former social abilities are severely attenuated. This is mostly because the split brain caused his perceptive and tactical abilities to form a separate personality from his socially manipulative personality. The socially manipulative personality had control of the voice and social portions of his brain. However, the voice creating cybernetics used to repair him were wired to the Sherlock Holmes-esque controlled portions of the brain. Thus the socially competent personality can't directly communicate with the outside world or the other personality (because of the split brain). It has some limited control when the other personality sleeps and tries to gain more as the story progresses. Ideally I would like to get a before transformation and after transformation picture, but I would gladly take either. Thank you in advance to anyone that likes the concept and wants to help me bring it to life. Thanks, Richard