Prime Factor - Bounty Hunter Posse pt. 1

Now that I've made one request, I hope it's not too early too post another. The previous request, for a Xexto Jedi, was for personal use, but this request is for an RPG. It's a group portrait of a team, a not-so-ruthless posse of bounty hunters, mercs, and assassins operating during the Clone Wars. Much goody-good RPG usefulness here, for anyone else who wants to borrow . . . Anyway, here they are, in no particular order: Hazash Veth, a former Bando Gora cult member. He's about Jango Fett/Clone Trooper height. He has a cybernetic arm, which he manipulates using the force to burn or freeze someone it comes into contact with, although it often malfunctions when least wanted or desired (if ever). He has black hair and, like all other Bando Gora members, wears a mask. He abandoned his weapons for a mini-gun and a darkstick, but is also well trained in hand to hand combat. He specializes in assassination with kouhoun, and carries them in a tube on his utility belt. I honestly have no clue what pose I want him in, so anyone who accepts the request, feel free to mess around. Silv Lorn is a mercenary of the same species as Bron Burs, who apparently doesn't deserve a species name. There is sadly, only one reference picture on Wook, so feel free to get creative with a front view, although I would preferably have his head facing sideways and his body forwards, like a sort of profile. He comes from a noble family, and when not on a mission, adorns himself in robes and boas. He carries an ornamental cane, which doubles as a cortosis blade sword. He's taller than most humanoids, but not by much. He wears elastic clothing and boots when working, but i would rather have him portrayed in fancy attire. he has a pet Pylat bird, given as a gift from a Neimoidian associate Eumaus, a Killik bounty hunter associated with GenoHaradan. He worked for the Separatist Confederacy until meeting Mantel Sutri, whom he immediately befriended. They left aboard Sutri's ship and became partners. He is early adult age, whatever that is for a Killik. He uses many Separatist weapons in his hunting, but denies any rumors of a continued allegiance with the aforementioned group. His preferred weapon is an E-5s sniper rifle, which he modified to arm living users. He wears a black sleeveless tunic, with a strap for his weapon of choice on a sling he wore over it. On his larger pair of arms he donned two red metal cuffs (like clone wars jedi generals wear). He is the same height as most humanoids. The Concord Reaper (the team's ship) is a refurbished Dynamic-class freighter picked up in an old shipyard. On the side of the hull it has a chibi-tybe drawing of a Xandu, and Aurebesh text which reads "I'm watching you" I would prefer the characters to be next to each other, in a pose (but not an action pose) and not overlapping each other (as i will take the drawing apart in GIMP). The ship should be behind them, and all on a white background. The things mentioned here can all be found on Wookieepedia.