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Ok, so yeah, I'm excited!

A few member have already started using some of the components of the site and I'm SUPER Stoked.

Aug 10, 2007 by: Eclipse

Kris, you're a frickin' genius, this thing actually works.

This is pretty sweet. What a nicely excellent diversion of time while I wait out the final forty minutes of my harrowing work week.

It doesn't seem like anyone else has registered for the site, or uploaded any images... I may be the first, and only one. It feels me with a slight hint of dread, as if I were the last human on a planet full of hyper advanced ... muskrats.

Aug 9, 2007 by: CCR

Gencon 07

So yeah, my goal has always been to have SWAG up and running by gencon 07. (well not always, but for a while now) Anyway, gencon is like... 9-10 days away at this point, and yes, I have a lot left to do. I'm not sure it's doable, but I'm going to be running it close, and we'll be putting the site up sans a couple features for the moment. But I have confidence that these things will be swept away and made to work better.

Aug 5, 2007 by: Eclipse
yeah ok, so I'm unsure where that came from except that perhaps it's some pseudo-random synapse firing off cause I'm having visions of potentially good things happening with the request system. There's still a lot of work and research to do, but I got a project at work that's amazingly similar, so it's actually a really good thing all around.
I'm unsure if the worst of it is over, or if I'm just standing in a calm spot. Things were really hairy there for a while, and now I feel as though I've hit my stride. The site's coming together smoothly, and stuff is looking really good. I have yet to get the look and feel nailed down, but a lot of the really difficult tasks are done. That's a really good thing, but there's still a ton to do. My "TODO" sheet is fairly extensive, but slowly, surely, I'm marking chunks of it off. The biggest tasks left now are the request system, and the re-import of users.
Gritty... that's the only word for it. I've been carrying on for a while now saying I'd get this thing back up and running, and one way or another, I'm going to, but it's a bit like being sand blasted. Little issues creeping up and assailing you until they wear you down to a smooth surface. Luckily, some surfaces can take a serious beating, and if I can get all the issues squashed once, then keeping them that way should be easy... should be.