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Expense Patchwork Droid [Request]

The story of this droid begins with Lytan Sazet a wealthy young Falleen that wanted to have a very extraordinary droid at her service so she had D3-T8 assembled from an assortment of parts of several different droid models. D3-T8 combined the personality of a protocol unit with the utility of an Astromech as well as functioning as a security droid when needed. An amazing amalgamation of qualities from different droids all merged into one unit. 


May 22, 2013 by: Lord Cygnus in: Work In Progress

Bacta Bath

Here's the start to a sketch of Jynx in the Bacta tank. I'll let her tell you what happened this time around. 


PR.112 Lab Log 0045

I had a bacta bath today shortlt after I woke up, and after my vitals were cleared. TikTik seems troubled about the ordeal, or perhaps because for the last three months I have been comatose, he hasn't been able to get ChiChi out of his antenea. It seems I gave everyone a scare, especially since no one knew what the hell was going on at the time. 

May 22, 2013 by: Jynxie in: WIP

Kasari WIP

the rough sketch.

May 15, 2013 by: silk in: Work In Progress
Hey guys, 
So, obviously I'll be taking it easy for a little bit here since we just got the whole site upgrade, but there are some notable features that are missing at this point, and I'd very much like to fix that. In addition to this I'll probably introduce some new features along the way, and any thoughts or opinions on this are very welcome.
I've been writing term papers for the last two weeks, and I needed a break, so I sketched my version of moncalJeanValjean's privateer character. Maybe I'll claim the request and do the others sometime. I feel like I have other obligations, though... hmm
Hey guys, it's been an age since I was last on this site, and I'm glad for the email letting me know that there are some changes being made.  Changes aren't always a bad thing. I've gone through quite a few, and am still in the process of making more. For one thing, I finally graduated from college in 2010 with my first publication by Cryptic Studios on their RPG Champions book of Villans. I've also been featured in Rotted Capes by Paradigm Concepts. 
Gnatha wrist rifle
Here's what I've been up to for freelance writer Ben Gorman who will publish his upcoming Star Frontiersman sci-fi gaming article Balneum Blue. His article features an aquatic alien race that uses biotech to create gear, weapons and vehicles. Here are the ranged weapons I designed.
Hello my friends, I am sorry that I haven't posted anything in months but the neuropathy (damage to nerves) in my hands has gotten really bad. It's even hard to type on my computer. I was working on this drawing a few months ago and as it is I cannot do anymore to it. This is a character idea I have for a new Star Wars RGP setting my Skype gaming group should be playing soon. I thought some of you might get a kick out of seeing my sketch and the reading story of my Jawa. I'd like your feedback, on him okay?
Okay sooo, we've had a bit of fun lately while campaigning on Tatooine, first our GM surprised us all with a home-made Sandcrawler, complete with gridded interior compartments and two levels to have encounters on, and then he enlisted my help to build a Krayt Dragon to surprise the rest of the party with in a battle last night.