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T4-K2 Bounty Hunter / Assassin Droid

OK, at long last I have cobbled together ONE rough out of several design bits-n'-pieces sketches of T4-K2!!

Even though this is still just a rough sketch [and I'm pretty sure it has some serious proportional issues to work out], I gotta get a WIP blog going on this guy. As requested, I have looked at HK-47 as well as the MagnaGuard designs for inspiration.I think ultimately the only similarity to either is the central torso area, which has elements of both droids in it.

Sep 16, 2011 by: grendeljd in: Work In Progress

Haradion Drogon (Zabrak) and his Wookiee 'brother'

Haradion Gaarkyysh

Request from Slime615:

"Haradion Drogon is a Zabrak, with a crown of horns along his head, and short Red Hair, about 2" log. He has not Facial Tatoos himself, except for a couple of lines. (example)
This is because when he was a small child (about 4) his parents were killed by Trandoshan Slavers. The ship crashed on the nearby Planet, Kashyyyk. There he was found and fostered by a Wookiee Family."

Sep 11, 2011 by: Mercy in: Work In Progress

Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 Redesign Contest

Here's a sneak preview of my entry for Project Rooftop's "Spider-Man: Webhead 2.0 Redesign Contest". It's not the final artwork yet, merely a quick sketch I made on a notepad in my free time.

If you guys have the time to spare, check it out here and let's show 'em what SWAG artists can do!

Jul 12, 2011 by: Hisham in: Non-Star Wars Art
Curiously the pictures I am trying to post are not showing up in my galley nor in the newest images gallery...yet after exploring they are in Rogue's gallery... I read the thing about the images disappearing and am thinking it is related... either way here is a wip of another rynn Zikiri Romany
Sorry I have not been very active as of late but I have a new job installing LED lighting, and it's been keeping me very busy. So without saying I only have the week ends to work on my art. I hope to have a few more submissions soon.
Bounty Hunters
New comic cover for Lord Crumb: "Ka'rta is squatted down in front of Nath with her blasters pointed to the left and right corners of the pic. Nath is standing behind her with a discblade in one hand and his lightsaber in the other. The discblade it is blunt to keep with Nath's non-kill policy, unless it is absolutely nescessary. Nath also has Mandalorian chest armor that is an earth tone brown to contrast with his shirt that is tan.
A WIP of Seghast's request for a singular group of heroes. So far, have lines for the Mechanic... ...And the Pirate.
Hi everybody, A few days back I tried to post some new images, but they haven't appeared yet, so I'll put them up here :) So, I haven't been posting in a very long time (a few years, actually :) ). I had a couple of free hours last weekend and savored them by putting quickly up this Concept:
Final Update: all done! Had a great time working on this and figuring out how to use Photoshop to paint. . Update to the Update: finished pencils with just a bit of clean-up to do. . Update: full-body WIP image, hopefully the head-tendrils are more obvious... .
Another work-in-progress for the cover of "The Hags of Teeb", a humorous e-book novella written by David Leyman. Image 1: Photo of background element. Image 2: Photo of foreground element. Image 3: Scanned paintings are composited and color-corrected in GIMP. First draft artwork!