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Deshkar Sevarisk WIP

Another Player Character brother of the Sevarisk Mandalorian Clan.

Aug 24, 2015 by: dredwulf60 in: WIP

Darro Sevarisk

It feels like it's been a long time.  Hopefully I still remember how this all works.

This is work on a charcter pic for one of my players in the Mandalorian game I've been running.  

He recently gained enough honour in the eyes of the clan to be allowed to wear his mother's kama that he inherited and has kept in her honour.  So he's pretty proud of that accomplishment.  His mother died when he was just a teen but she was, by the accounts of everyone he's talked to, a warrior not to be on the wrong side of.

Aug 15, 2015 by: dredwulf60 in: WIP

Other Stuff


Every once and again I draw something that isn't Star Wars. 

Some of it I take all the way to Color Town!

HEY!  Here's some now....

Jan 7, 2015 by: Judas in: Non-Star Wars Art
So I recently began a Star Wars RPG campaign.  The PCs are some young members of a Mandalorian Clan set 5 years after the clone wars.  Their family has set up a small operation selling muscle and protection to a number of underworld clients on the capital planet of an outer rim sector.  The 4 PCs are brothers, and I wanted to detail the rest of the small operation, as they are all relatives of the characters.  I don't really have time to do full artwork for each, so I've gone with some 'quick' photomanips.
Rodian Hunter Done
Hey Folks, This is my first blog post here and I'm using it to show you my next work in progress and asking for some feedback. Here is a Rodian Hunter, I've got no back story on him yet, it was really just for fun. What does everybody think? Should I make any changes before I ink? Suggestions for backgrounds or additions to the image? Criticism or comments? UPDATE The inked version of the hunter is ready; next stop colour. UPDATE 2 Flat colour. FINAL Ta-Da
Taun Taun Girl
Guess who will be debuing her first time in the Artists' Alley at Gen Con this August of 2015....ME! Super excited to be able to take part in the show this year, especially since we couldn't make it last year. Anyone who plans on going should try and stop by to say hello, it would be nice to meet some people in the RL. Other than that, I might have some secret discounts for the show...not 100% sure on that as of yet though. 
After the system seems to have eaten my first attempt at sharing this, let's try again!
Didn't want to put up in gallery because of the sheer amount of photo manipultaion, but did some quick mashing to get a group pic and then create a Adventure poster... kind of movie-esqe.
figure 5
A while ago I promised to put together a tutorial on how I draw the "Judasverse".  And, since I'm out of work with a knee injury (watch out for them circular saws, friends), I've had time to throw someting together. I've decided to draw Stand and Deliver's Chaz and Tusk (because they're my favorite characters to draw) sneaking around some caverns. Let's get started!
Our group is going after a smuggler with an old republic cruiser.....I plan on taking it. We were hit by a Pirate with a Corellian Corvette and I want this to Even things up a bit. Coupled with suprise we should fair well. That and an old freighter loaded with explosives and extra sheilding to ram him with to begin the assult. I was at work and had a pen and blank cardboard and a fine tipped sharpie. I drew this in between customers. It's fun because the store next to mine is a gaming/ comic shop. At least half knew what it was. Drew Spawn on the back which was fun.