2B- (RPGing Character Portrait)

2B- (RPGing Character Portrait)

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Here is one of my current projects, I am part of a Star Wars RPGing Group, and one of the Player Characters is a patchwork Droid with a very mysterious past. He sat dormant for an unknown quantity of time before something inexplicable triggered his reactivation.


I was kind of hoping to enlist the aid of fellow SWAG Artist, Sithsherald on this one to create a small starfighter to place in the background behind the main figure. However, if he’s not interested at all, it’s not that big a deal. I would just love to do a collaboration with one of my Star Wars Artists' Guild colleagues and one of his pre-existing vehicles perfectly matches the same player’s ideal of what his character’s fighter craft looks like. Let me know your thoughts, okay?
Thanks Everyone,

Whoa! This is seriously cool! Good design work.


Thanks Asok and Boshuda to you too!

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