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Hey guys, it's been an age since I was last on this site, and I'm glad for the email letting me know that there are some changes being made. 

Changes aren't always a bad thing. I've gone through quite a few, and am still in the process of making more. For one thing, I finally graduated from college in 2010 with my first publication by Cryptic Studios on their RPG Champions book of Villans. I've also been featured in Rotted Capes by Paradigm Concepts. 

I moved to Ohio, and greatly miss Illinois, but I am married to a wonderful man so it's not so bad. Also for almost a year now I have been digitally coloring in a weekly web series called Surreality, which is a collaboration between myself and two college friends Caleb King who is the creator, and Carla Wyzgala, who creates the pencil and ink layouts. Our comic was successful in it's kickstarter to fund an anthology looking into the lives of some of the main characters, and my friends have been touring the contry at differnt conventions to sell art, meet people, and sell our comic book and web series. I've been able to attend one of these so far and plan to make more of a showing at future conventions. 

Check out the web series at http://www.surreality-comic.com/

Other than that I am still working towards developing a portfolio of work that is strong, though it's been hard, I plow on. Hopefully I will be able to share some of my pieces here, Star Wars related or not. In any case, it's nice to see the community is still flourishing. 


Jynx (my character) has also been though a lot. She has 3 adopted children now, two Squibs and a Togruta. Her marriage to her husband ChiChi is still strong despite the many tribulations and obstacles they have faced, one of which almost ended her life. She says she'll write a blog about that business later on, once she's been cleared from the med bay and has had a talk with rebel command about things. 

Wow! That's an absurd amount of good news!


I'm going to be in Ohio at the end of July, we should kick it!

So that comic looks great. I only got to read a few, but the tone seems about my speed. :-) I took the liberty of removing the extra horizontal space in your blog, hope that's ok. Single return is double return, and shift-return is single return, so it's sort of awkward until you get used to it.

Congrats on getting married! Best decision I ever made was marrying my wife. :-)

I know there's at least one SWAGGER of note in Columbus (Jeff Carlisle). I think most of us (SWAGGERS) don't have the chance to hang out IRL so it's worth noting when people are close. (Not super close in your case though.)

It's so great to have you back.


PS, re-upload that profile pic as a PNG and the site will round the corners for you :-D

Fantastic news throughout! Glad to see more SWAGgers getting RPG art jobs!

Columbus is only an hour away from us, and we will be going down there in a few short weeks for Origins. 

I've been through Columbus ...  Twice...   Once on the way to Vermont and once on the way back :)

Not a bad place.

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