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Sorry I have not been around much recently but I've been traveling the country. Currently in Michigan but only for a few more weeks. I'll be heading south soon before winter hits. Once I get settled somewhere I'll be back at my art and posting again. Hopefully that will happen sooner than later. ;)

come Settle in Kansas... it's a nice place to live...

the lake effect snow stops about halfway down Ohio. southern Ohio Or northern KY is a good area. Also herd TN is nice, I am just not found of the Heat. If you find yourself On I70 in Hebron OH, stop by Pilot. Let you use My employee discount on our restaurants. Good travels

I'm in Toledo now and have a route mapped to Hebron.
Here is my email write me so we can hook up. ;)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."

Don't listen to these guys - the West coast is the best coast!


I'm a little to far north east to walk or bike to the west coast, but Ohio is just under me so I may just take you up on that discounted meal. :)
And Kansas isn't that far either. :)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."

Wichita Kansas is one of the easiest places to live in.. Great place to live :)

We also have the most restraunts per square block in the U.S. .. or at least it seems so.

There are an amazing number of restaurants all over the US. Seriously, amazing.

I have to agree with asok. Cali is the best. Except for the taxes. And the cops. And the excessive laws. We have theme parks!!! That's good right?

Ohio has Kings Island, Cedar Point, and oodles of water parks, And our ground is fairly stable. Only two earthquakes in my life here.

Ok I'm on my way out of Livonia Michigan today.
Ok this will be my route: {Livonia to Toledo}
6 mile to Haggerty Rd. to Plymoth Rd. to N. Main St. to W.Ann Arbortrail, (turns into Plymoth Rd. again) then (turns into Dixboro Main St.) to Dixboro Rd. to E, Huron River Dr. (turns into Carpenter Rd.) then (turns into Dextor St.) from there I jump on to Hwy 23 heading south to Toledo. ;)
Toledo is not my final destination just as far as I could route out this morning.
I'll try to get online there and keep you all updated on the journey. ;)
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."

Well travels to you, John.

Dang. I was at work when you sent this and then sleep and then...well. I am so sorry I missed that.

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