The Face Only a Mando Could Love...

The Face Only a Mando Could Love...

Here's a rough posture sketch of what I've got for DarNamell's request for a Strill. I might even go crazy and build this guy from the bones up. GROSS!!

See if you can guess what I used for inspiration (besides the wonderful sources provided by the requestor)! Also, I can't find anywhere whether or not these little guys have ears or not. Has anybody recently read a book that definitively says?

Haha, it's Stitch!



Asok gets the prize! Whenever I read about Mird I always imagined a version of Stitch that was on the wrong side of the Cute Continuum.

Don't you mean the right side of the cute continuum?

And what's the prize??



Not sure about the ears but they do have all those lose flaps of skin all over.... I always picture some sort of a Gollum-ish creature with that type of skin but lots of it hanging around it....

I always pictured Mird with a bit of a comical countenance, sort of like the Kowakian Monkey-Lizard in jabba's palace.

Funny how everyone has their own mental images. For me Mird was like one of them shar pei dogs, but taken to the extreme.

Exactly! Shar pei meets flying squirrel meets rabid, mangy cat. In any case, this piece is my interpretation of strills. Perhaps an official image will come out one day that totally refutes it, but this will always be little Mird. :)

Hehe nice work Evan, I love how you're building it up from bones and muscle!

I think I went to school with this guy.

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