Lokksnek, young male trandoshan doctor - WIP

Lokksnek, young male trandoshan doctor - WIP

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Initial Blobs of Grey!! YaY!

Edit: B&W Sketched! Now for some color?

I remember making a Trandoshan character named Lokksnek one time... He looks very much like Dr. Horrible and I like it!



The very notion that my doctor may be a Trandoshan scares the ever-lovin $#!% outta me!

I love it! Can you imagine those big clumsy fingers wielding an incision knife going for some brain surgery? Mmmmmm.....

A Trandoshan doctor would not be as kind as a human doctor. When he ask if this hurts it really hurts because just pulled your arm of its socket.

Kia kaha

~~Kia kaha
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Aaahahaaa, loving it!! (Not that I have any bias toward Trandoshans, no sir, not me, none at all...)

It's funny, when I was reading the initial character request, it gave me some serious Tenth Doctor (ie David Tennant's Doctor Who!) vibes. But now, I've got to ditto the Dr Horrible feeling, which is just as awesome in its own way.

OHHHHHH I like this guy. It probably deserves a WAASTHOOME!


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Dude, Neat-oh!
Looking good!!

It is done!