WIP: Captain K'Ehleyr for ya CGI style (requested by Lord Cygnus)

Ok this one is for Lord Cygnus, after noted interest in a Zeltron character, to be done up 3d render style

Lord Cygnus wrote in the : Boom Boom Kats blog thread:


If you are still thinking of working up a Zeltron character, then might I make a suggestion to you, kind Sir?...


Jun 8, 2013 by: TNJadeonar in: WIP


I wanted to share this beautiful drawing my girlfriend Cat made, using a sketch I drew for a commission. It's a lady Gotal pilot.


She says there are Easter eggs...


Aaaand here's a Herglic.

"There's no Easter eggs in this one, just potatoes." -Cat

May 28, 2013 by: Asok in: WIP

Bacta Bath

Here's the start to a sketch of Jynx in the Bacta tank. I'll let her tell you what happened this time around. 


PR.112 Lab Log 0045

I had a bacta bath today shortlt after I woke up, and after my vitals were cleared. TikTik seems troubled about the ordeal, or perhaps because for the last three months I have been comatose, he hasn't been able to get ChiChi out of his antenea. It seems I gave everyone a scare, especially since no one knew what the hell was going on at the time. 

May 22, 2013 by: Jynxie in: WIP
I've been writing term papers for the last two weeks, and I needed a break, so I sketched my version of moncalJeanValjean's privateer character. Maybe I'll claim the request and do the others sometime. I feel like I have other obligations, though... hmm