Non-Star Wars Art

Cover WIP for "The Hags of Teeb"

Another work-in-progress for the cover of "The Hags of Teeb", a humorous e-book novella written by David Leyman.

Image 1: Photo of background element.

Image 2: Photo of foreground element.

Image 3: Scanned paintings are composited and color-corrected in GIMP. First draft artwork!

Jun 14, 2011 by: Hisham in: Non-Star Wars Art

Cover WIP for "Meevo"

Here's the work-in-progress for the cover of "Meevo", a science fiction novella for Kindle written by David Leyman.

Yet to be finalized!

Jun 7, 2011 by: Hisham in: Non-Star Wars Art

New Stuffs (bissel NUDITY warning)

Thought it was time to post a "what I've been up to" kind of blog. Non-SWAG-related art and whatnot.

I've been drawing up some Adventure Time fan art, in the form of my own original characters!

I drew a vaguely surreal/nouveau piece for my mom on mother's day...

And the big project, which I am calling Mobius... hopefully this will wind up in a (self) publishable state after I do enough pages to tell the story.

May 25, 2011 by: Asok in: Non-Star Wars Art
Tyn Tethis
New Bleach request for Seghast:
Well, duderinos, I've been keeping pretty busy of late. We've got an ongoing D&D 3.5 game running, and I'm playing a Masters of the Universe-inspired Locathah cleric (MERMAN!!). I recently introduced my little bro to the RPG phenom (McFly!), and we recently joined a D&D 4th Edition game at the local game shop, where we play two twin halfling rogues. Lotsa fun! On the business side, I've been making the moneys with some art commissions for a small RPG publisher, drawing some superheroes, and working as a colorist on another superhero brawl piece.
Recent Azamar RPG interior artwork commissioned by Wicked North Games have been the deities of Azamar. Not all of them are the same class of entities. Some are forces of nature, some are interdimensional beings, some are truly unknown -- but all of them are worshipped by certain groups in the world of Azamar. You can read their write up on my blog: part one and part two.
As usual, all the concept artwork credit goes to Jeff Carlisle whose art I am constantly consuming and repurposing for my own usage. It's hard to find concepts better than his, and I'm certainly not ready to go spitting out awesome concept ships. Original can be found here: First image is the current GI Render, second is my polygons.
So, Jeff Carlisle has this squid thing that I did a bust of a few years ago. Never got around to finishing it and wanted to take a try at it with new techniques. Seems to be coming along ok.
Zurn Warbler
Here's an artdump of some of the work I did for Wicked North Games' Azamar fantasy setting sourcebook for their Cinema6 system. You can download the beta rules here. For more and bigger images, check the subdirectory on my DeviantArt gallery. Enjoy.
Everynight since my girls were born I've read "The Hobbit" to them. I've decided to illustrate some of the scenes for them, hoping it will make it more exciting. This is where Bilbo and the dwarves fight the spiders. I'm still working on it, of course:)